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xmlCombined Standard

xmlCombined Standard use one data source (feed) of your properties and we will send it to all of the portals you work with.

  • One Data source (Feed)
  • As many portals as you want
  • Access to xmlCombined Select, Read Only Property Module, Easy Feeds Module
  • Only 10.25€ Monthly*
  • €50.00 One off Setup
  • Fast, Easy and Reliable
xmlcombined Advanced

xmlCombined Advanced gives you the flexibility to send us up to 10 different data sources (feeds) to as many portals as you need.

  • Start with 5 Data Sources (Feed)
  • As many portals as you want
  • Access to xmlCombined Select, Read Only Property Module, Easy Feeds Module
  • Only 20.55€ Monthly. Add extra feeds each 1.55€ *
  • €50.00 One off Setup
  • Fast, Easy and Reliable
(*) You may need an account which may include a subscription fee with relevant portals you wish to submit to.

(**) All prices are quoted exclusive of local sales taxes, which will be added at the pertinent rates.

XML Feeds

The xmlCombined comprehensive digital solutions package contains a ‘feeds module’ offering an easy solution for sending (feeding) your properties to all the main property portals.

The way it works is simple, you send us a data source (a feed) of properties from your website/database and we will distribute these properties to as many portals you want to send to – and we will handle for you all the aspects of feed formatting etc.

Once we receive your feed(s), our service can usually be set up in less than an hour.

The DragonStack developers can help you set up your originating feed from your site. They specialise in accessing your data from multiple formats including from a WORDPRESS website.

Our list of portals being fed grows daily but if you want to send to a portal we do not yet have on our lists, we will add it for you.

The xmlCombined feeds service is delivered in one of two packages.


With our xmlCombined Standard service, you send us one data source (feed), and we will send that feed to as many portals as you wish and have an account with (*).


The xmlCombined Advanced option offers you greater flexibility when submitting your properties to your selected portals.

You can send from 5 different data sources (feeds) containing differing combinations of properties and we will send those properties to your selected portals. This option means that you can select properties relevant to the market being targeted by each portal (i.e. Properties on the Coast, Luxury Property, Villas, By Country, etc).

No fuss, no hassle - call us today and start broadcasting your properties via feeds.

The new Feed Interface

xmlCombined feed clients now have access to our xmlCombined Select interface. The property module is available in a read only format, allowing you to see the properties you are sending to the portals and the data held against those properties.

Clients will also be able to access the full version of the East Feeds module. Built into this module is the ability to assign properties and portals to feeds. This gives you the client, full control over your feeds, with the ability to change them at any time.

Are you looking for something more?

If you need greater functionality, full property management, client management with full email control you should look at what else our xmlCombined Select platform offers. Select is a modular based CRM, giving you the full digital functionality for all your Real Estate related business needs including a built in property more

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Featured Portals



Are you looking to list your properties on Zoopla?

xmlCombined is an easy option to list your properties on Zoopla, one of the top portals in the world.

Zoopla is part of ZPG which also includes Prime Location. They is based in London and its network of websites and apps is supported by substantive  advertising campaigns both on and offline.

xmlCombined has always enjoyed a good working relationship with the team at ZPG and we work together to get your properties listed quickly and accurately on their systems. If you are talking to Zoopla about listing your properties, mention that you are thinking about using xmlCombined from DragonStack and they will liaise with us to send us your account details.

Zoopla is one of the portals we work with in Real Time. Ask us, and them, about this option of seeing any changes to your data immediately on their site.

With xmlCombined, sending you xml feed of your properties data to Zoopla could not be easier.



Have you been looking at Rightmove as a possible portal?

Rightmove is not only one of the most established portals in the UK market but also the biggest.

The xmlCombined team have been working with Rightmove for quite some years, making sure that your automated data feeds (adf) interface perfectly into their systems.

At xmlCombined we value our good working relationship with the teams at Rightmove and we see this as an essential aspect to the service we offer our Real Estate Agents.

Rightmove also work in Real Time (rtdf) and the API (Application Programming Interface) between the two organisations ensures that your data feed is sent quickly and accurately.

An XML data feed to Right Move could not be easier. Contact us today and discover how.

Some of the many portals we work with

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