xmlCombined Select New Release (Version 2.1)

The xmlCombined Select team are proud to announce the release of the new version (V2.1) of xmlCombined Select which has been launched today.  This release will not affect the normal use of your System, but will give you access to new features and improvements which we hope will enhance your experience of using xmlCombined Select.

The new Functionalities are as follows:

- Logs System:  With this new Logs System, you have an up to date record about all the activity against a property. A filter about the User and the Field can be applied to the search on the Logs.

- Improvement on the Google Street View Coordinates: Now you can add and edit the coordinates on Google Maps and Google Street view separately and assign the perfect location and the perfect view to the property you are selling.

You can now enjoy the new functionalities on your system. If you are not client now, just ask us for a free week trial Demo for Agents and discover all xmlCombined Select will offer you.

xmlCombined Team