A Dream Home in Spain

From time to time we are approached by portals that pass onto us special offers that we can give to our existing members. In this case is a Dream Home in Spain -

A Dream Home in Spain would like to introduce their New UK/Spain Hybrid Property Portal based online and on the high street.

A message from A Dream Home in Spain

We are proud to be listed as a property portal on xmlCombined. To celebrate we have an exclusive offer just for agents who are connected with DragonStack.

We are giving you the opportunity to advertise up to 100 properties for 3 months, completely free of charge on our portal.

What do we offer you?
1. Unrivalled Product Exposure.
2. A Unique, International Network of Real Estate Agents,
3. Prepared and Super Qualified Client Leads!
4. Loyalty, by Controlling your Local Competition.
5. Rewarding Opportunities for Reverse Referrals!
6. Steadily Increasing Business/Brand Profile.

In addition to our exclusive offer, we are also providing a limited number of agents with an additional incentive to take advantage of another of our exclusive offers.
We want to provide you with online marketing exposure of your company’s brand in our banners, which are placed in influential positions on the platform, for just £90.00 + VAT for a 6-month period!


If you are interested in more information or to register to take advantage of ADHIS’s great offer please send us an email to and we will send your details along with your XMLFeed to the portal as soon as possible.