New update on xmlCombined Select (v4.8)

We are proud to announce the new release of xmlCombined (v4.8). In this new version, we  are pleased to publish an update to one of our free website designs (Decelea), as well as a number of new functions for the administration interface and a new language available.

- New update on a Design: Decelea v.4.1. Some of the design and functionality updates include a new display of featured properties, display of the latest blog on the home page, a new footer style, similar properties displayed when looking at individual properties and testimonials on the home page. If you are currently using this design you can opt to upgrade to the new version from your administration interface.
- Filter properties by Country: All website designs now have an option to allow your users to search for properties by country. If you list properties in multiple countries you can turn this option on in your administration interface. Once a country has been selected it will filter the choices in the other search options (e.g. Towns).
- Create New Areas: You now have the option to create zones within a country and assign towns to that zone. (e.g. Costa Blanca). There is also an option to include these zones in the search options on your website.
- Duplicate properties: For some time many of you have been asking for an option to duplicate a property in your administration interface. This is now available to all users as part of the core functionality of xmlCombined.
- Email: We are pleased to announce a change in the email module. The module now comes with 5 email accounts (each with 1GB of Space). We have also reduced the price to €5/£3.95/$6.35 per month. Please note that any emails included within the module can also be set up on your phone, tablet and computer using software like Microsoft Outlook and Mac mail.
- New language available: Portuguese. Now the Portuguese is available on your Designs of xmlCombined and your Administration interface.

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xmlCombined Select Team