New update on xmlCombined Select (v4.7)

Our new version of xmlCombined is available now! (v4.7). In this new version, we are proud to publish our new Web Design (Gargra), new improvements on the system and two new languages.

Our new release includes:

- New Design: Gargra ( . This design feature the images  you selected. The main page has a clear and ordered design with our great combination of colours. The professional image of your company is our priority. This gives your visitors the best impression of your properties.

- New languages available: Two new languages are immediately available  in both you CRM Select and in your Web Designs from xmlCombined . Now Dutch and Danish are available to show your properties and descriptions. French, Russian, Norwegian and German are currently in development and will be available shortly.

We have implemented new functionality on your existing xmlCombined Select system. This includes new multi lingual options to display Opening Times and Telephone Numbers. This gives you the option of listing different telephone numbers for the different languages on your site. If you need incoming telephone numbers contact our parent company DragonStack, whose telephone systems offer incoming numbers from over 65 different countries. We have also implemented improvements with the settings of properties that have been disabled and some general improvements for Commercial Properties.

All these new functionalities are immediately available in your xmlCombined Select user account.

If you do not have an account, ask for your FREE one week trial and start today.

xmlCombined Team