New Release for xmlCombined (Version 4.6)

New release on xmlCombined (Version 4.6)

The new version of xmlCombined Select is now available! (v4.6). On this new update we are pleased to announce our new Web Design (Edessa) and that the whole system is now available in Italian.

The new release includes:

New Design: Odessa. This new design has a bold and modern design which can adapt to your needs. This design of this new site prioritises images giving it an impressive visual impact both on  the home page and the property pages.

New language available: Italian. The system is now available in Italian both as an operational language for your administration system and for your front end website.  This new language can be selected via the settings section on your administration interface.

This is all now available on xmlCombined Select.

New languages, which will be available soon include: Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Russian and French.

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xmlCombined Team