XmlCombined new release! (v4.5)

The new release of xmlCombined Select is now available! (v4.5). In this version we are glad to announce the launch of a new website design, available as part of our core package. We have also already added a record of activities on each Property.

The new update includes:

New design: Phaistos. This new website design allows Real Estate Agents to have a profesional responsive website professional and structured. The design is perfect for Real Estate Agents who work with Commercial properties.

Activity Record on properties. Now you can have a record of activities on each property. Each activity, related to a property, is recorded on the property details giving you a general overview of the activity on that specific property: Visits, meetings with owners, client calls, offers..

All these new functionalities are immediately available in your xmlCombined Select user account.

If you do not have an account, ask for your FREE one week trial and start today.

xmlCombined Team