New Release for xmlCombined (Version 4.3)

The new version of xmlCombined Select is now available! (v4.3). In this new release we have added more options for hiding addresses from imported properties and a major improvement in the calendar module.

New update includes:

Hide Address on Imported Properties - Properties imported from other agents which can not be edited in the property view can now have their address hidden so it does not show on your website.

Calendar 2.0 - We have decided to amalgamate the new release of the Calendar Pro module with the existing calendar module to create the new Calendar 2.0. This module bring new functionality that will help you in your day to day calendar management. These include:

    Create Repeat Events - Mark an event to repeat weekly or monthly with further options to set day(s) on which it should repeat. Events within the repeat can be changed/ deleted either individually or for all events from the changed ever date.

    Synchronise your Calendar with Google Calendar.

    Set up notifications for your events by email to multiple recipients.

Future updates for Calendar 2.0 will include synchronising with iCal, notifications via SMS and a full log of user actions.

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xmlCombined Team