xmlCombined Select New Release (Version 3.1)

Version 3.1 is the latest release for xmlCombined Select. 3.1 includes the following new functionalities which will enhance user experience.

-       CLIENT RECORDS: You can now see logs of the changes and updates that have been made in each individual client profile. This enables you to see changes made by members of your team.

Logs can also be viewed for changes within client requirements, type of client, contact details, private notes and property matches.

-       CONFIGURATION: Within the new settings section, you can manage the settings to tailor xmlCombined Select to your Real Estate business needs.

General setting options includes editing default settings for references, countries and currencies. You can also select the types of properties you work with, enhancing the data entry process.

All these features are now available for every xmlCombined Select client, as they have automatically activated at no extra cost.

If you still have not requested your 7 days free trial version, simply click here to activate it.


xmlCombined Team.