xmlCombined Select New Release (Version 2.0)

We are proud to announce the release of the new version (V2.0) of xmlCombined Select which has been launched today.  This release will not affect the normal use of your System, but will give you access to new features and improvements which we hope will enhance your experience of using xmlCombined Select.

The new Modules and Functionalities are as follows:


- EMAIL: This give you the ability to manage your email accounts inside your xmlCombined Select CMS.

- OFFICES: This module gives you the option to add more than one branch as part of your account. This allows you to assign properties, clients and users to different offices, while monitoring all the information from your main administration account. Users can be given access to see only the activity for their own branch.


- Assign Clients to Users: It is now possible to assign clients to users which enables them to have direct control of one Client. This new functionality is available now but you still have the option to work with clients without signing them to a user.

- Printing lists in Excel, PDF and CSV: You can now print or export the list of your properties, Clients and the properties you are exporting to the different portals with your xmlCombined System

All existing clients have access to the new functionality from today if they have the relevant modules. The new modules have been already activated on your demo accounts to allow you to try the new options.

Best regards,