ABOUT xmlCombined

Created on an expanding modular platform xmlCombined gives its users a flexible cost effective way to manage your properties and clients, opening your properties to the biggest possible market.

xmlCombined integrates all the essential aspects of property management. Content Management System(CMS) for your website, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), XML feeds to all major portals, property sharing with other agents and importing properties.

xmlCombined also offers Real Time updates for portals that support it including Zoopla and Rightmove, giving you the option to show your new and amended properties immediately on key portals.

Why not gives us a try, a free trial with access to all modules is available today. Ask us for more details.

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25/10/2016 11:20

Special Offers

Occasionally portals offer our clients special Deals and offers. Contact us for more information.Are you a Property Portal and you would like to offer special deals to our xmlCombined clients? Contact us on for more information.